Y’all Doing Good

Great minds think alike I guess. Last night when I read Hugh’s post I wrote this post but saved it to draft because I wasn’t sure I wanted to go where the intro was going. Just now I read Vero’s post about her friends’ success and decided to get over myself, delete the intro and publish the post. Here goes with some of my friends doing good.

  • Martine just had her first book published and her first movie wrapped production a little while ago.
  • MJ finished producing her second game and the next one will be insanely cool and involve insanely cool people.
  • Matthieu just published his fourth book.
  • Hugh got a kind of “call back” for his book. Has already launched one more web app than I have and his planning more instead of just dreaming.
  • MC and Chris re-launched an app that’s getting a lot of coverage.
  • Nika started a company that’s getting rave reviews and is becoming a rock reviewer.
  • Fred self published his first book.
  • Vero is showing up everywhere and working on all sorts of cool projects.
  • Julien has a super well known podcast and is getting flown to conferences left and right.
  • I’ve got about 6-7 seven friends who are raising beautiful kids while staying themselves. (ok, that one I don’t want to do but it’s impressive as hell)
  • J in Sherbrooke sold his photo studio and became partner at a much larger outfit.
  • Sara got a diploma, moved twice, got contracts with über cool companies in SF and spent a couple of months in europe, all in the last 14-15 months.
  • Haven’t known Erin long but I’m also very happy to see her getting a cover.
  • Etc., etc.

    I’m extremely happy for all of them and also extremely happy that I have friends who do such cool shit.

    I know I’ve mentioned some of those before, sue me.

    I also have to cut back on the usage of “cool’.

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