Y’all Doing Good

Great minds think alike I guess. Last night when I read Hugh’s post I wrote this post but saved it to draft because I wasn’t sure I wanted to go where the intro was going. Just now I read Vero’s post about her friends’ success and decided to get over myself, delete the intro and publish the post. Here goes with some of my friends doing good.

  • Martine just had her first book published and her first movie wrapped production a little while ago.
  • MJ finished producing her second game and the next one will be insanely cool and involve insanely cool people.
  • Matthieu just published his fourth book.
  • Hugh got a kind of “call back” for his book. Has already launched one more web app than I have and his planning more instead of just dreaming.
  • MC and Chris re-launched an app that’s getting a lot of coverage.
  • Nika started a company that’s getting rave reviews and is becoming a rock reviewer.
  • Fred self published his first book.
  • Vero is showing up everywhere and working on all sorts of cool projects.
  • Julien has a super well known podcast and is getting flown to conferences left and right.
  • I’ve got about 6-7 seven friends who are raising beautiful kids while staying themselves. (ok, that one I don’t want to do but it’s impressive as hell)
  • J in Sherbrooke sold his photo studio and became partner at a much larger outfit.
  • Sara got a diploma, moved twice, got contracts with über cool companies in SF and spent a couple of months in europe, all in the last 14-15 months.
  • Haven’t known Erin long but I’m also very happy to see her getting a cover.
  • Etc., etc.

    I’m extremely happy for all of them and also extremely happy that I have friends who do such cool shit.

    I know I’ve mentioned some of those before, sue me.

    I also have to cut back on the usage of “cool’.


julien October 19, 2006

hey, what about you? you’ve got a really successful business, work with great, talented people and slack off in internet cafés all day! if that isn’t awesome i don’t know what is. :)

Patrick October 20, 2006

Thx but I don’t think that’s on the same level as most of the examples listed.

vero.b October 20, 2006

I agree with Julien. My post was about people mentionned in the traditional media this week. If it had been about my friends’ success, you would have been on my list for sure!!

I don’t understand what I’m doing on your list! ;)

Alexandre October 23, 2006

Is there a pattern, here? ;-)

A little while ago, you were venting on some work issues, you recently talked about your friends’ travels, and, here, you talk about “success” in terms of traveling (and being mentioned in traditional media).
Is it the rain that makes you think about taking a vacation? ;-)

Patrick October 23, 2006

Another one with the psychoanalysis!

The “success” wasn’t the traveling, it was that people are willing to fly Julien over and the amount of things Sara has done, including the travel, not that fact that she traveled.

I don’t need rain to want to take a vacation. :-p

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