WWDC 2007

There was an Apple keynote last Monday at the WWDC, nothing that particularly interested or excited me and I’m pretty busy so I haven’t written anything yet and now I won’t, just read Michael Tsai’s account, that’s pretty much what I feel about the announcements. Two things though, do have a look at the stevenote video for the first few minutes, the intro with John Hodgman is very funny. While you’re there, you can also have a look at the new website which is a looooot better than the previous (why no love for the Canadian version do?).

  1. Is it just me or is Steve getting fat and tired? He seemed kind of dejected the whole time, and somehow when he said “boom” i heard the word, but I didn’t FEEL the onomatopoeia. Also, the joke about “ultimate version… ALSO 129$” was funny but went on WAY too long. Why go on and on about it, we get it. I ended up feeling like I was getting a WalMart speech about low everyday prices.

  2. Tired for sure. Didn’t notice this time but last time I on the contrary found him to be very thin.

    I think he doesn’t have a good poker face and there was nothing super exciting to announce, it showed.

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