Coupla Contracts

A couple of interesting contracts have been brought to my attention today, thought I’d pass them along.

First, the NFB is looking for a tech coordinator for CitizenShift (I did their blog by the way, Matthew Olivier Groulx did the illustrations). It’s a very cool project with some fun people working there. What they are looking for covers a pretty broad spectrum of fields but that’s what makes it interesting.

Second, I don’t have all that many details yet but a new project being built in Montréal, in a so far pretty open field is looking for an experienced PHP/MySQL (so LAMP) developer to play an application architect role. I have no link to include but I met with one of the project leads today and it sounds interesting so drop me a line is you want me to put you in contact with them. (And if we don’t already know each other, include some linkage of your work)

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