Depending on the scope of the project and my place in it, I sometimes use project management software, such as Basecamp. Although globally I’m very satisfied, I had two issues, first is the fact that there’s no ticketing system, sure you can use messages, comments and todos for that purpose but it’s not the same as tickets.

Months ago I saw blurbs about Goplan on the WeBreakStuff site and immediately noticed the “tickets” tab and registered for the beta.

Sadly I wasn’t working on projects where I could use it (or if so on projects where the only thing everyone could handle was email) so I still haven’t tested it real world as much as I’d like but I have tried everything and gone around the whole thing multiple times and I’m super impressed. Great design, kind of half way between Cederholmian and Signalian but with it’s own flavor, ajax in the right places, etc. Well done.

Derek as a much more detailed comparison with two other solutions, including pricing which comes out in favor of Goplan.

The second thing I didn’t like with Basecamp is that I would sometimes be working on 3-4 different projects all managed with the application but all in accounts for different companies so I’d need to keep logging in and out of each account or use two browsers to keep logged into the two most often used. Not the best workflow.

Yesterday I was creating a project in my own Goplan account and a couple of hours later another client sent me an invite for her own project, I was expecting the same kind of problem but, magically, since the email used for the invite was the same as the one for my account, Goplan simply included her project in my “Dashboard” (application homepage), I just had to accept the invite and now both projects are one next to the other! Sweeeet.

Now granted, Basecamp offers branding and multiple domains which is what made it hard for them to use a single sign on for multiple accounts while Goplan doesn’t offer those features so the comparison isn’t perfectly fair but, to me, it makes a huge difference and was a very nice surprise to discover.

* Tickets are tasks assigned within the team and usually have priority and status (working on it, on hold, rejected, etc.) indicators.