5 Things You Don’t Know About Me

I meant to skip this meme but since I’ve been tagged twice I’ll have to give in and post something. Initially I thought I wouldn’t have anything to say but, in the end, thinking about it was kind of fun. So, going chronologically;

  1. Somewhere in a box in Sherbrooke I still have the toy plane my “first girlfriend” gave me when her family moved away. We were six years old, she was a curly haired redhead.
  2. When I was 12-13 I went to a day camp named “ordinasport” (geeeeeek) where we learned to program in Logo on Apple IIs and played sports. I enjoyed the programming of course but I think I enjoyed the sports more, it was the first time I was picked first and kicked ass. Playing against nerds is much much easier than against jocks ;).
  3. I used to race R/C cars (not the toy variety from Radio Shack, the expensive, tunable, “there are pros doing this” kind) and went to Québec (8th one year) and Canadian championships.
  4. For years I used to buy lottery (6/49) tickets every week with the same numbers. I still play them once in a while.
  1. I was puke drunk only once in my life, in New York. I looked so miserable a woman in line (for another bar) gave me a rose.

    I’m such a dork.

    [Update] I was too lazy to do that part but since I’ve been asked, I’m tagging: mj, Blork, ‘toine, Luce and Nika who probably doesn’t read my blog anymore or check her referrers so she won’t know I’m asking but I miss her so there, tagged. And, bonus, Éric who’s already been tagged a couple of times but I want to make sure he does it.


Véro.b December 29, 2006

Hey, you’re supposed to tag 5 other bloggers! I want to know MJ’s secrets…

vanou December 29, 2006

hihihi, nice!

edemay January 4, 2007

ORDINASPORT= LOL. I’m workin’ on my list.

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