I wondered about posting this since I dont think it interests a whole lot of my readers but hey, I felt like bragging and after all, it is my blog. As most of you know, I play Ultimate Frisbee and from friday at midnight to saturday morning the Montréal league held a “hat tournament” in which teams are drawn at random.

It’s the second such tournament I play in and once again I was extremely lucky to be part of a great team which means that this time we, again, went unbeaten and won the whole thing. W00t!! Not that I was all that instrumental but when winning some games by 2 points all players play a part, even the more average ones. That’s what I tell myself anyway ;).

Nine teams, crazy plays, loads of fun people, pizza break at 4h00am, music during the last games, amazing plays, great atmosphere, lots of chearing, insane plays and aching muscles, all of that followed by a sleepy breakfast. Too bad there’s only two of those each year.


La Flamme Rouge December 1, 2003

Only wins, no defeats ? Did you went to the anti-doping control ? What do they put in their pizzas?

Congratulations… the trill of victory is always veeeery good.

Patrick December 1, 2003

Hehe, no doping, this isn’t cycling ;-p

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