France Photos ‘R Us

New sub domain displaying photo galleries. France ones are up.

I’ve put up loads and loads and loads of photos (i.e. 500+) on a new subdomain to this site, you can find them here.

Now, I’m aware that any normaly constituted person won’t go around them all and yet some might want to have an idea of the trip from start to finish so I’ll put up a “favorites” gallery at some point but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. I put up that many not entirely because I’m nuts but also because it’s going to be used by the people I met on the trip to go through and ask for higher resolution copies so they can replace messed up shots from their own rolls or for stuff they missed.

Except for the first couple I put up (at the bottom of the page), they don’t have titles/descriptions, I’ll get around to that some night I don’t have anything better to do. Some of them might look weirdly framed, there’s three possibilities to explain that:

  1. The image is part of a series ment to be a stitched together panorama that I haven’t done yet, it’s only there as a place holder.
  2. I tried some artsy thing that didn’t work.
  1. You’re weird, not the framing.

    Also, the only treatment I have done so far is to crop some of them, no contrast or any other adjustment have been done so some might look dark on some platforms, chances are it will stay like that.

    Last thing, I used the most excellent little piece of PHP code called Photostack, very easy to install and use and some nifty automation and error handling that even let me upload my images by hand in batches instead of using the interface (very useful but slow for large quantities of images), the script recognizes the new images and creates the thumbnails. Sweet.