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Robert Cringely starts the rumors going for next January’s MacExpo. He expects an iTablet to be announced then, which is something I agree would make sense. The problem I find with his theory is that he bases a lot of it on Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) networking technology and the use of the tablet as a hub for your entertainment and computer equipment. I’m sure there’s room for such a device but I see it more as a wireless screen, not a whole computer.

The post on Onlineblog which is where I found the Cringely article mentions that a video iPod is a better bet for the obligatory Apple shocker. I still think that an expanded iPod with color screen and bluetooth is a good way to go. To add web capabilities it would use Wi-Fi or bluetooth (to connect to a cellphone), the ever increasing storage and new color screen would make it useful for image storing from a camera and possibly video. It would have to be bigger than the current iPod of course, probably something like the current PocketPCs but with loads of storage and Apple quality and ease of use it would make the device way more than those glorified PDAs.

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