I’ve been meaning to post this for a while but never got around to it. After mentioning my “quest” to Nika and Steph last night at Yulblog they thought it would be a fun discussion so here goes.

A few years ago (7 or 8?) the term cool was out of favor, no one I know used it, it was the opposite of it’s meaning, completely uncool. 3-4 years back it made a return in the general population and in my “circle”, we started using it kind of ironically and then less and less ironically. Everytime I use I kind of regret it. And every time I post something that is cool I wonder what other word I can use to express it.

So now, aside from my being a bit anal by thinking about terms I use, what do you think would be a good word to use instead of cool?


Gideon March 4, 2004

Dope. Tough (or tuff or too tuff), rad, k-rad, killer, sweet, awesome, wicked, phat, splediforous, marvelous, the greatest, the bomb. I’d go with wicked, awesome and wicked awesome as it always makes the cool kidz frown. At the end of the day, whats uncool is worrying about which words are the cool way of saying cool. Jaded irony of the NYC art cliche variety is no longer tuff.

amaruk March 4, 2004

How about “swell”? I forgot when I first heard this, but it was WIlliam H. Macy’s character that used it, in Fargo or in Pleasantville (I think it was in Pleasantville).

lightspeedchick March 4, 2004

i.never.nu the word cool wasn’t. now I’ll be second-guessing that, and everything else I do ;)

Anonymous March 5, 2004

I actually heard my younger sister use “meta”… as in “c don full mta a!!!” … god I’m old!

So… in some way she might have been right… your looking for a “cool” word to mention something cool. That actually sounds “Meta” to me!

Nika March 9, 2004

“the shizzle” has been my recent favourite… to the thrill of my close friends.

Patrick March 11, 2004

No thanks for the ones that require you to wear your pants with the belt half ass down and “le fond de culotte entre les genoux”, such as dope, tough (or tuff or too tuff), rad, k-rad, phat and the shizzle. Nika you shizzle enough to use it but not for me!

I kind of like splediforous and meta, especially meta.

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