Random moment #38

Last night, April 15th, I picked up The Codex and started in. The story starts on… April 15th.


Julie April 16, 2005

I dare you to read Joyce’s Ulysses on June 16th… ;-p.

Karl Dubost April 17, 2005

I remember once I was reading a book of Murakami in Japan, the action was happening in Shibuya and Shinjuku where I was spending time. Finished a chapter. Then I took the plane from Japan to Hawaii for a conference and the new chapter I started in the plane, the hero was going to Hawaii from Japan as well.

Wonderful random moment.

Patrick April 17, 2005

Ahah! A challenge! It’s one of the classics I want to read but 1040 pages!!! We’ll see.

Karl Murakami ;)

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