Très bien

Ceux qui me connaissent sont habitués, quand on me demande si ca va bien, je répond habituellement: “pas pire”. Souvent certains répondent “pas mieux que çà?”. Non, à moins d’être tout près d’un départ vers un voyage quelconque, ca va pas pire. Aujourd’hui j’ai répondu “très bien”. Deux fois.

Évidemment, maintenant que j’ai dit çà c’est “jinxé” et Murphy “will go medieval on my ass”. Mais bon, fallait l’dire.


JonasParker April 1, 2005

I typically think for a second and tell people exactly how I am, and they then become confused. They never actually wanted to know how things were going.

People are such bastards.

Patrick April 1, 2005

“People are such bastards.”
Well said.

Oblivia April 1, 2005

phatic: (adj) Of, relating to, or being speech used to share feelings or to establish a mood of sociability rather than to communicate information or ideas.

That being said, you must have had a pretty damn good day to have worried it was going to be “jinxé”. Did you wake up with a suitcase full of unmarked hundred dollar bills on one side of the bed and a supermodel on the other? Be honest!

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