That time I guest edited

A year ago today, I was starting a week as guest editor of OG blogger Jason Kottke. Since then, I’ve been meaning to archive links to all the posts I did that week and never got around to it. Finally, for this “anniversary” here they are. Even though I’m mostly posting these for my own archiving purposes, they hold up quite well so have a look.

Tim Carmody’s mention and recap in the Noticing newsletter

“Since we didn’t have a newsletter last week, I’m going to grab a cluster of guest editor Patrick Tanguay’s remarkable set of posts. (Seriously, hats off to Patrick, who nailed the Kottke voice and style while still retaining his own flavor of it.)

Why humans need stories seemed to encapsulate Patrick’s week. The short version is: stories connect us to our past and each other, helping us imagine other minds across space and time. This carries us from cave painting, to oral traditions (where stories persist across dozens of languages), to new modern variations, like the Twitter walking history thread , the eternal text-cities of Joyce’s Dublin or Döblin’s Berlin , or even the smartphone-optimized, socially-networked pseudo-stories of Facebook and Instagram. Somewhere, at their core, the same codes are replicating the themselves. The same functions, lightly transformed, are being served.”


(Favourites in bold.)

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Athanasius Kircher, “the master of hundred arts”


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