No Place To Go

The problem with Apple is that you if unluckily end up with a Powerbook lemon, there’s nowhere to go. What am I gonna do? By another PC?? Yeah right! I’d need to work 5 more hours a week just to catch up on productivity. Linux? Ah!

So, even after replacing the screen twice and needing another one (the f*ckers send refurbished parts!), after getting a case of Powerbook plague (palm rest oxidizes) and even though I now need to have the motherboard replaced (memory socket aX0red), all in 4.5 months, I’m stuck. I can have parts replaced and/or bitch it’s a lemon and try to have it replaced. Now that I’m used to OSX I have nowhere to fall back to. Hammered by hardware crapness and anvilled by operating system sweetness.


Yan July 21, 2005

Stupid, but it works for Nike Shoes so why not try it.

Send an email to whomever is in charge at Apple. Tell them your story and say that your are an Apple lover, a web entrepreneur, etc … bla bla bla… And trust me you should see some results.

Apple currently thrives on grassroot support for it’s PB business.

They might surprise you

Patrick July 21, 2005

Funny you should say that. 10 minutes before your comment I was getting off the phone with customer satisfaction and unless the dude was lying his teeth off, I’m getting a new one :-D

Alex July 21, 2005

I really (i mean it) don’t want to evangelize but i don’t have any problem with mine.

Hey! Wasn’t I suppossed to give it to you after a stupid bet of mine? ;-)

But, you know, lemon happens. I’ve experienced it with a VW…

Patrick July 21, 2005

That’s why I’m asking for a new one. Mostly the PBs work great so getting another might be just the thing, no need to keep changing parts on this one lemon.

alexandre July 22, 2005

i so feel your pain.

et je vais être vraiment jaloux si tu en reçois vraiment un autre ! après tous les problèmes de mon ibook, apple n’a rien voulu faire à part rechanger le logic board…

bonne chance !

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