No Place To Go

The problem with Apple is that you if unluckily end up with a Powerbook lemon, there’s nowhere to go. What am I gonna do? By another PC?? Yeah right! I’d need to work 5 more hours a week just to catch up on productivity. Linux? Ah!

So, even after replacing the screen twice and needing another one (the f*ckers send refurbished parts!), after getting a case of Powerbook plague (palm rest oxidizes) and even though I now need to have the motherboard replaced (memory socket aX0red), all in 4.5 months, I’m stuck. I can have parts replaced and/or bitch it’s a lemon and try to have it replaced. Now that I’m used to OSX I have nowhere to fall back to. Hammered by hardware crapness and anvilled by operating system sweetness.

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