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So I’ve been considering “getting back” to photography a bit more. Not that I ever was super into it but I’ve always loved it and am supposedly pretty good at it. My first digital camera though, which had a long zoom that I loved and took pretty great pics is now impossibly slow in comparison to my small pocket Canon so I can’t stand using it. The said Canon though is hard to hold still and not all that flexible so I’m taking less and less pictures.

I’m aware it’s largely a mental thing and a question of taking the time to take shots but still, I think something more reliable and flexible would help me get back into it. Add to that the fact I’ll be in France, Belgium and the Netherlands for 10 days in September and my credit card finger is getting itchy.

All of that to say, I’m considering a DSLR and would like opinions on going to that size and on which is best. At a very quick glance I’m looking at the Nikon D40X, Nikon D80 (my 35mm is a Nikon that I loved dearly) and the EOS 400D. What’s the best lense to start with? There’s supposedly some fantastic one that’s 28-200 or something close.

I might also stick to something smaller that I’ll use more in between trips, like a Leica D-LUX 3 or something similar.

Thoughts? Recommendations? André? Vanou? Éric? Ed? Karl? Bueller?

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