Some Seinfeld Essentials



me April 4, 2005

Je crois que c’est le cas de bien des francophones, je ne l’ai que rarement écouté… shame on me, I guess…

Alex April 4, 2005

Man, y’a toutte dans Seinfeld. Toutte.

David April 4, 2005

The ManZiere … or the Bro …

Martine April 4, 2005

Patrick, you’re not spongeworthy for having forgotten the spongeworthy episode.

And Elaine’s crazy thumb dance, of course.

Patrick April 5, 2005

Argh! Of course! Good suggestions.

lightspeedchick April 5, 2005

You’re sooooooooo good looking.

Crossing the street with the Frogger machine.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that!!!

Jimmy likes you.

Mr. Moral April 5, 2005

I think you could add the Georges
/ Elaine Mimbo infatuation. Coupled in the same episode as the “I can’t spare a square, no I got no square to spare.” The Stall.

andre April 5, 2005

Festivus, the festival for the rest of us. Bring on the aluminium pole and the airing of grievances.

Splurge April 7, 2005

The 2 or 3 episodes when Kramer goes to L.A. and gets accused of being a serial killer are hilarious! I love the scene where the detectives interrogate Kramer and make him cry. (Kramer: “How did you know about the man in park?“).

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