Holy F0ck!!!

Niftyest trick in a while on Lost a minute ago. Jack worthy. Dumbass Charlie gets a rock on the head, deep cut. Saheed opens a bullet, puts the powder in the cut, lights it. Instant cautherization. Nuts. Possible? Excellent trick! Jack worthy I tell ya.



Mr. Moral May 26, 2005

As seen in Rambo First Blood. Impressive maybe, original I think not. :-)


Paolo May 26, 2005

Was going to make the same remark, Mr. Moral. Good trivia tidbit.

Martine May 26, 2005

Did I ever mention that Saheed is a hottie? ;-)

andre May 26, 2005

He’s not exactly my type ;-)

Karl Dubost May 28, 2005

and after people ask me where do I find the time to do all the things I do… Simple ! I don’t crash in front of TV

Patrick May 28, 2005

No, you watch a billion obscure korean movies. Woohoo. Love you Karl but give me a break with the “zen master of no tv” bit.

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