I’m not sure how tv execs get their jobs but it doesn’t seem having a head on their shoulders factors in. Ok, Wonderfalls wasn’t incredibly good but it was pretty entertaining (especially the looking at Caroline Dhavernas part) and anyway, how the hell can you spend money on 13 episodes, switch it’s timeslot after 2 episodes, pitting it agains CSI and then decide it can’t make it ? Come on, how about giving it a fair chance. Firefly didn’t get much of a chance either last year and there are other examples. How about actually making sense in your decisions, saving money and cutting back on ads? … alright, the last part won’t happen but the making sense thing should. Morons.

[Update] A journalist of all people, is mounting a campaign to keep the show alive.


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Martine April 6, 2004

It’s ridiculous, I agree. I only caught the second episode of Wonderfalls and even though I liked its quirkiness, something was missing and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Still, I knew I couldn’t judge after just one episode! It’s scary to see how decisions are made in television and how much money is lost when all they need sometimes is a little patience.

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