Sky Captain

I was surprised to find this trailer for Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, surprised because I had never heard of it and considering the cast I would have thought there’d be some buzz about it. (Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie and Giovanni Ribisi)

It’s been written and directed by a first timer, Kerry Conran who seems to be a special effects wiz who get to make a movie. Very distinctive look while at the same time recalling 2nd World War propaganda imagery, the look sci-fi had in those days as well as the dark shading and dramatic lighting movies of the 50s and 60s favored. Not sure how it will work for a whole feature but the trailer looks fantastic.

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John December 21, 2003

Yeah, it looks interesting. I heard about the idea of the movie a year ago, maybe but news was that it was taking a really long time to finish. Great idea, though. Don’t know if it will translate to a big mainstream success but you never know.

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