The Other Green Drink

I knew that there was a drink very similar to Absinth that was available legally around here but I didn’t know that the actual “legendary” drink is legal! We’re so cool :). I remember in years past “Crème de menthe” was popular around christmas time, maybe it’s time to start a new tradition with a green drink…

(via Montréal city weblog )


Michel December 23, 2003

You can also make it at home. Rather simple, really.
Vodka, wormwood, some other spices, and sugar.

Martine December 24, 2003

A green drink? How about some Chartreuse?

Patrick December 25, 2003

Ah yes, Chartreuse. You mentioned that, haven’t tried it yet though.

Emmanuel December 27, 2003

Absinth is also legaly back in France (and Europe) since 2002. I’ve found a few days ago some bottle of “Libertine” in Alsace (East of my country). More details (in french) on my blog (I don’t have trackbacks system).

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