Cursed Game

After a year with a Mac I finally managed to get my hands on Civ II (I’m linking to Civ III but I prefer II)… and lost over half of the last 2 days playing that infernal game! You just start moving those things around, making choices and oups 4 hours have passed. It’s old news but after a year not playing I had kind of forgotten how tough it is to stop playing.


lightspeedchick August 26, 2003

Oooh… I’ve been looking for a good PC game to get addicted to for fall…

I’m so desperate that I’ve blasted my way through Starfox Adventures this week, and am now eyeing
Super Mario Sunshine
with a mix of temptation and disgust…

Patrick August 26, 2003

Am I to understand you’ve never played Civ??? That’s almost as bad as B not having seen Star Wars!!

Bill August 28, 2003

Lightspeedchick! I’m so ashamed!

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