7 Songs

I’ve been tagged for yet another meme, almost didn’t do this one either because, frankly, I don’t listen to all that much music, or rather, I do but I don’t pay much attention to what’s happening at large and I just shuffle on my iPod so there’s not that much “enjoying lately”, except for one song that I’ll play when leaving and then let shuffle go. That song changes periodically (Polynesia right now). Anyway, lets see if I can find 7 that I’m enjoying right now.

  • Michael Andrews Gary Jules, Mad World (that was weeks ago but shuffle brought it back and I’m hooked again)

    Passing it on to Vanou, Caro, Erin, Myriam et Marie-Claude.

    Et en bonus, ça détruit ma liste all female mais il devrais avoir des pas pire choix et il semble avoir besoin d’aide pour trouver des sujets, The Toine.

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