Satellite Blackout

The one blackout info I was waiting for, nightime satellite pictures of lights on a normal night and during the blackout itself. Notice how Ottawa, Toronto, Detroit and Cleveland are completely black. NY, which got most of the coverage, seemed to still have quite a bit of light.


aj August 18, 2003

I heard that in Toronto, some people freaked out because they had never seen ALL the stars before. heh heh! Maybe we should have blackouts more often!

Steve Wilkus August 28, 2003

In regards the comment about satellite photos showing New York City having quite a bit of light during the blackout– it looks to me like the photo is showing Newark, NJ lighted but NYC proper having little light.
Being from New Jersey I take note.

I wonder how it is that Boston, Montreal and such had power during the blackout.

Patrick August 29, 2003

The Qubec province has it’s own hydro electric grid so we didnt need other sources. Also, I havent read much about it but I heard that the cascading effect that hit some other places didnt make it here because of some improvements made after the ice storm a few years back. I guess Boston also gets its electricity elsewhere.

Kate Casmaer October 3, 2003


My name is Kate Casmaer and I work for a graphic design firm. We are looking for some satellite photos of the New York blackout for an emergency preparedness flyer. We would like to know if we could use or purchase any of the blackout satellite photos from this web site. Please contact us and let us know as soon as possible.

Thank you,
Kate Casmaer

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Patrick October 3, 2003

I’m just linking to the pictures (!!) and have nothing to do with rights regarding them.

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