Good Return

I’ve been waiting for the actual sale to post about the numbers but it’s not happening so I’m clearing those tabs from my browser anyway.

I’ve written before about Dropsend being for sale and some of the numbers involved but I’ve been proven wrong (or might) since it seems it could go for $900 000US which is way more than I thought and more than the highest initial valuation in the comments of the announcement which was for $325K. The sale hasn’t gone through though so the only thing we have to go on is Carson’s affirmation that they had three bidders still interested at that price (one pulled out since then) so who knows what it will go for?

The other related post I pulled out of the archives is this March 06 post by Ryan on 37Signals; The Cost of Bootstrapping Your App: The Figures Behind DropSend. You see that the total cost of development was $50 000US so if the sale goes through that’s a 18 to 1 ratio for dev. and sale. There’s still the time spent on it in the mean time that’s not tabulated but you’d also have to add the actual revenue that reached $7000/month so overall a very very good investment for the Carsons.

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