Recently In The Churn

Or the new normal, the jackpot, super density.

The GOP candidate for President of the USA says he won’t recognize the result of the election.

Terrorists used a drone to film their attack on an Afghan army base.

Hackers used millions of appliances to take down a huge chunk of the internet.

Google becomes even more of a surveillance tool.

Post Brexit UK will live on tea, jam and biscuits.

You might also enjoy this over the top Pentagon video on the “unavoidable” dystopian future of megacities.

On the other hand

There are eight humans in space on three space stations. (ISS, Tiangong 1 and Tiangong 2)

A new antibiotic was mined from human gut which reverses drug resistance in superbugs.

Scientists have accidentally found a way to turn carbon dioxide into ethanol.

The Pirate Party might win the next election in Iceland.