Movie Theater Security

There have been a number of posts in the past year (sorry, too lazy to look for them) by people complaining that they are being treated as crooks when going to the movies; cameras confiscated, lineups to be searched, warnings about taking shots of the screen, etc., etc. Seems like some cinemas are becoming warzones.

I haven’t gone to the movies that much in the same time but the times that I’ve gone I haven’t seen any of that. Actually, in some cases I might be able to get in without paying if I was so inclined. Is it a question of people blowing isolated incidents out or proportion? Happens only in the states? UK ? (second paragraph) How about Toronto? I haven’t seen or heard about anything of that nature in Montréal.


Blork December 5, 2006

I don’t think it’s exactly “war zone” material, but I saw a sign at the AMC recently saying that people should put their bags on the floor, not on the seat next to them (presumably to prevent people using hidden cameras in bags).

I ignored the sign (but I had no hidden camera).

jer December 5, 2006

I’ve seen some weird shit go down at paramount when there’s a “special preview” screening or whatever they call it. They’re worried that the movie will get out before it’s officially released. Though I haven’t been explicitly hassled by anyone I also almost never go anywhere but the Dollar Cinema, where they aren’t exactly in the business of worrying about piracy (I’m pretty sure they function somwhere between grey and dark-grey in terms of the legality of their screenings).

Also, remember that people can get away with way crazier shit in the states than they can here. In the states movies are regulated by industrial forces, in Canada movies etc. are regulated under the rubric of “heritage”, so I think they’re less likely to be bitches for the industry itself.

Jay December 6, 2006

I saw a screening for Borat two full weeks before it was released at Cinema Guzzo Marché Central and they had pretty much everyone check their cell phones at the door, the ones with cameras at least.

It’s typically only when it’s some sort of preview screening when they put up a fuss, but it’s not bad at all in my opinion. Except that Borat preview, it was very weird to be obligated to leave my phone at the door in the hands of some security personnel.

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