After 4 days of barely being on the web I’ve been trying to get on top of my reading again but there’s a lot of stuff! And not that much worth commenting on. The one thing that is very interesting as to do with the whole printwash issue that mister Winer and Searls (2, 3) have been discussing. Considering all that as been said in the articles and comments they link to I’m not on top of it even a few days later so I have only 3 comments; I agree it’s the major media’s fault, in good part, that they dont show on Google as much as they would want to. I wonder if the rumored “Blogger enhanced” search will bring something interesting to this new phenomenon. The best quote is from Ben Hammersley’s site;

Complaining about built-for-the-web content taking over the web, is like complaining about the cars when you’re trying to pogostick down the motorway.

Update: The blog clog myth and an interesting take on the “problem”.