Listen will ya?

Sooooo much stuff has been said about The Matrix Reloaded that I have no intention of writing my own critique of it. I must say though that it’s no wonder quite a few people didnt like it if they all listen like these guys. Some very worthy comments but a huge number of others that blow my mind with their lack of attention.

First; Watch and pay attention to the damn movie! How many obvious plot points can one person miss in a 2 hour movie?!? Unbelievable, I didnt know so many people suffered from a.d.d.!

Second; Read the comments already made! Giving the same answer or asking the same question for the 6-7th time looks stupid and wastes everyone’s time.

Third; It’s so quick and easy to fetch character names on imdb why not take a minute and get the proper spelling for them?

Sorry to be so anal but those things just make so many potentially good weblog discussion go down the crapper, it’s frustrating.

That said, there are some good comments in that particular thread, do check it out if you’ve seen the movie and want to understand it better.