Apple Design

Funny and true, so true. Marc Morford of sfgate thinks about apple design, badly designed products, bland consumer experiences and trash.

Design pr0n:

Cables wrapped in elegant tight slots on the sides. Small manual and paperwork in the center. All clean and clear and meant for optimum visual and tactile experience. Lift out the top half of the foam and there’s the computer itself, solo, centered, encased in beautiful imminently touchable sleek aluminum, a subtle tech-fetish object par excellence, wrapped in delicate foam padding and not cluttered with crap and not requiring you to do anything but lift it out and peel back the sheath and stroke the silver metal and turn it on.

And of course:

And they command only a sliver of the PC market overall and despite how their designs and innovations resonate across the entire industry and in fact affect industrial design across all consumer culture, true PC/Windows geeks just scoff and snort and go back to trying to patch the latest of 13,876 “severe” or “drastic” security flaws in the nonintuitive bug-ridden hell that is Windows.