Something I already knew but that was much reinforced throughout the last two and a half months, especially in Germany; European police are frickin’ scary! Forget the short women we have here and the somewhat relaxed demeanor and uniforms. Over here it’s army like dress and kit, guys usually my size (6’2”) and up with broad shoulders and serious/menacing faces and who come out in numbers pouring out of vans at any sign of the slightest trouble. Don’t fuck with the pOlice.


jeremyclarke June 29, 2009

Man, I had the complete opposite impression of the Amsterdam police. They seemed completely friendly and normal to me, more like well-paid city employees than anything security/military. They just wore white golf shirts and basic toolbelts. They rode on bikes without helmets too, which made them seem incredibly relaxed.

Patrick June 29, 2009

I’m not sure we even saw cops in Amsterdam, even with the Queen’s day celebrations so I guess they were much less in your face than Berlin.

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