Today the Oscar nominations were announced. I haven’t seen most of those movies (haven’t seen all that many movies at all in 05) so I don’t have much of an opinion on most of the choices but still;

  • Who’d have thought Keira Knightley and Heath Ledger would ever get nominated for Oscars, much less the same year?

  • I saw Crash, loved it but I don’t see why Dillon was nominated.

  • Fun to see Clooney’s movies (and himself) get nominations, saw a few interviews with him, he took risks getting those movies produced and tackled some hard issues, good for him.

  • I don’t care how good the sound is on War of The Worlds, just on the massive suckage of the movie as a whole, they shouldn’t be nominated.

  1. Yes, the dress was nice but what’s up with Zellweger’s half closed eyes and dumb smile? What happened to her? I liked her in older movies but I can’t even stand looking at her now.

  2. I think she must be in some kind of hunger induced daze, she probably hasnt had anything to eat since she finished filming The Bridget Jones Diaries. Cant wait for that waif thing to end, I had anatomy classes in school, I dont need to identify every bone and muscle everytime I watch tv or a movie.

  3. Add to the good: The musical performance from “Frida” (I always forget that Spanish guy’s name — he also did a number in “Talk to Her”…

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