Note of Dubious Value

I haven’t collected links to prove this, it’s just a feeling from the information that’s been flowing around here but it seems to me that all the talk I’ve heard about the rush to the PS3 has been in the media and news aggregation sites so “pro” sources while all the talk about the Wii has been on personal blogs, people waking up early to try and grab one. People talking about the Playstation are wondering if it will save the company (so business) while talk about the Nintendo is by fans. Or is it just a crooked perception on my part?

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lightspeedchick November 21, 2006

In my opinion, the media is more excited about both consoles than the fans are, but yeah, the fans are more excited about the Wii than the PS3. At my company, there are exactly 4 times more people buying a Wii at launch (including yours truly) than there are PS3 buyers.

My Wii is stuck in customs right now.

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