Is the web going mobile at last?

If our crappy Canadian cellphone providers were a bit more edgy and innovative, this is what they’d be doing; high speed flatrate internet instead of their super expensive unpopular data plans. Morons.


jer November 22, 2006

As far as I can tell their business model is extorting ourtrageous fees from business people who charge it to the corporate account. The telcos can make more charging them three times a reasonable price than they can charging twice as many people a fair amount, or something like that, the exact math is up for debate but the fact is that they just arent’ interested in growing the market with cheaper plans.

Which of course almost definitely IS stupid, the potential audience for cheap service grows every day but the interest is going to come SO SLOWLY until some people in the growth markets (kids, teens and other non-ceo’s) has access to the technology and can show their friends how cool it is.

The sidekick/hiptop had an amazing 20$ unlimited data plan that you could get only with it, if only their phones weren’t closed security nightmares, I’d be tempted to try it out (I knew someone with one and the data was fast and he could browse comfortably. Why can’t I get that kind of service on my L6?)

Patrick November 22, 2006

Absolutely right.

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