The Somewhat Less Crappy Eagle Has Landed

IE 7.0 has been released, less crappy, better standards support, but still not on the level of Firefox. Or so I’m told, haven’t tested it much yet.

IE 7 is limited to Windows XP SP2 users only; installation requires reboot; reuses old IE 6 code and doesn’t yet comply with current Web standards; doesn’t match all the features found in Firefox or Opera; carries a Microsoft legacy of not patching its IE flaws quickly enough… IE 7 was Microsoft’s one chance to leapfrog ahead of the competition, but the company has only barely caught sight of the current front-runners. For more features and greater security, switch to Mozilla Firefox.—On CNET

Incredibly enough, they’ve flushed view source support, way to finish pushing web developers to Firefox. I’m guessing that’s to please big clients with complex web based apps that they don’t want people to go snooping around. Dumb.


julien October 19, 2006

dude, best title for a post ever.

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