No More Green Open Source?

Last year the Green Party had some pretty interesting stuff in their program about Open Source and were opening their platform writing on a wiki. This year; nothing. No more wiki, site has lost a lot of it’s luster and no mention about anything geeky in their platform. Sucks. Why? Didn’t bring any voters or one guy was leading that whole aspect and is now gone?

[Update] Actually, searched the sites of the Liberals, Conservatives, NPD and Greens: nothing regarding any “tech issues” like copyright or patent laws, open source, etc. That was a quick search, any idea where to find information (if any exists) on those types of issues vs the parties?


hugh January 4, 2006

but did you see:

recent posts about copyright, liberals & dirty campaign money?

Zeke January 4, 2006


The Liberals = bill C-60.
I’d suggest using old school technology to find out from the other parties.

The Bloc – M. Duceppe 843-4222
The NPD – François Grégoire 845-4992
The Conservatives – Carlos de Sousa 325-7080

You also might want to offer to volunteer for the Bloc, they are not #1 in Google for “Bloc Quebecois party canada.”

Patrick January 5, 2006

Hugh: Yes.

Zeke: Thx. Kind of gives me my answer if there is no hint of a technology policy on the web doesn’t it ;)

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