Crazyer And Insaner

Back in august I created a referal program at Dreamhost which I called Crazy Canuck, just want to make a little reminder here because, for one thing, I didnt put the banner back up after the latest redesign and second, they announced another hike in bandwith and storage yesterday.

With the account I used for the program, you now have a truly insane 20GB of storage and 1TB of bandwith, that’s T as in Terabyte, a housand Gigabytes of bandwith. No worries of overflowing even if you podcast, videocast and/or host a few friends. Then again, why would you host friends when it’s only 9.50$ CA ??

Just for fun: my own account, which I’ve had for 6 years and is a couple of “steps” bigger than the one I’m offering, is not at 65GB and 1.8TB. Nuts.


Martine January 5, 2006

But do you provide help with the move? :-)

JonasParker January 11, 2006

I think I’ll have to make a move. Yes, it sounds good. But I will need help with the move as well.

Patrick January 11, 2006

Jonas, what do you need help with? Maybe we’ll book a half day somewhere and transfer people. Anyone else?

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