Ok, now they’re just getting on my nerves, Apple is pushing back the world launch of the iPod Mini to July. Come on! I thought you were different Apple, now you’re just being a stereotype and considering only the US. We’ve been waiting for the Music Store for what? A year and a half? You sell products at higher prices in other countries (I hear the UK gets it especially hard) and launch later, much later. Where’s the global economy? How about spreading the love instead of shipping elsewhere only if there’s a few left?


bits March 27, 2004

One word: Archambaultzik (a division of Quebecor media) Encouragons le Qubec. Granted the selection needs to be grown.

Patrick March 27, 2004

One word: NO.

1. Doesn’t work on Mac.
3. Windows Media Player Only

Iiiiii, don’t think so. Good prices though, 99¢ a song is the same as US services but in our funny money.

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