Close Your Eyes

As soon as I saw this I thought; Christmas comes early for Martine this year (and many others I’m sure). Not sure if it’s a style of movie you enjoy though?


lightspeedchick March 26, 2004

It’s weird, I can’t find any mention of it on imdb. Not under Goran Visnjic, not under Miranda Otto (owyn!).

Martine March 26, 2004

The intense gaze and the serious look, the way he sits, hunched forward, that perfect curve in the hairline, the stylish blue-grey suit. “I want you to think nice thoughts” he says, gently. Two hours of close ups of Goran Visnjic! I don’t care if the movie is bad. I’m SO there.

I hadn’t heard about this movie at all. When does it start to play?

Martine March 26, 2004

I found it on IMDB by searching for the filmmaker’s name.

The movie had another title and was produced in 2002. Looks like they’re struggling to market it. Bummer. It better come here!

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