I planned to keep this undercover until I could make you all jealous with pics of the cards when they arrive but I think too many people are going to talk about them before then so, check out Moo a fun new company that will print you mini business cards based on your pictures on Flickr. If you have a Pro account you can get 10 free cards, I ordered mine this afternoon. Looking forward to seeing the end product.


andre September 19, 2006

Same here! Saw it through boingboing. Too bad I could get only 10, but if they’re good…

Boris September 19, 2006

Yeah, neat eh? :)
Reminds me of my cards I make for every trip. Gonna spare myself the trouble and do it with them next time. ;)

vanou September 20, 2006

These are great, just ordered mine today. Thanks for the tip… I’ll probably get more next time.

Blork September 20, 2006

Wow, it’s really well done too. I love the zoom and crop tool, and the fact that it remembers the crop settings even if you backtrack and add or remove images.

Apparently if you pay for a bundle of 100 you have the option of removing the Flickr logo.

Patrick September 20, 2006

Ah, nice. That’s what I told them I wanted when I ordered mine, didn’t realise the for pay orders let you do that.

I think I’ll choose a bunch of pics with blue and make those my new Taste of Blue cards for a while.

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