Montreal Needs More Money

We havent’ had a good one of those in a while, a long thread of comments and back and forth between blogs. Julien started it with Montréal… Needs… Brains… then Hugh, Robin and Evan joined in.

I actually agree with something Julien said in the comments which is that we don’t get much visibility internationally (whether that’s important is something else). I think he’s wrong in placing the blame for that on local discussions being too limited, on people not collaborating enough, but it’s true that we don’t have much of a profile. Librivox got there, Île Sans Fil and Wifidog got there, Poly9 (Québec city though) got some. In podcasts and blogs Casey and Rudy have a good profile but (to my knowledge) it’s rarely mentioned where they are from and Mocoloco is very well known but, again, mostly “orphaned” in the coverage and neither is a “team building something” as much as my first examples, they are random successful self publishers, not example of collaboration or showcases of local technical knowhow.

I’m sure I’m missing a couple but compare that to Vancouver and we’re wayyy smaller on the web 2.0 visibility bandwagon (I can hear Boris and Karl cringing on that one :-p ). I should think about this for real instead of spewing a post in one go but if I had to point at a reason I’d go more for the “missing Flickr” than for communication.

I think when Flickr was bought they raised awareness and energy in that region and since then there’s been just enough of a rise in VC money to help a few more startups get noticed. Neither here nor there is anywhere near San Francisco but there’s a whole list of differences for that one. I think Austin (and friends) is trying to correct the situation on the Angel / VC front and we will hopefully have a lightning rod “à la Flickr” sometime in 2007.

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