Current Favorite

In recent weeks my favorite blog is Brian Oberkirch’s, loads of interesting posts, good insights. Today’s post, NDA = Not Doing Anything? includes my quote of the week;

Web app ideas are the new screenplays: everyone’s got one and wants to talk to you about it.

On ideas;

We all have ideas. If you came over tonight and we threw something on the smoker and sat up all night and drank and chewed the fat, we’d end up with a half-dozen good Web-based business ideas by daylight. Thinking it up is easy. (Buy me a beer in SF this week and I’ll give you a free business idea. They are like candy.)… Doing it well is what counts.

Well said but nothing new on that quote, I already know execution is 90% of the job but I also like his take on the nda;

To me, you are already showing you are worried about being able to translate community feedback and iterate in real time if you’re hung up on legal barriers. Your eyes are already on the wrong prize.