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The season for year recaps hasn’t quite started yet on TV but it’s on on the web for the “best of”s.

Chapter’s Best of 2003 shows a surprising breath of selections and some good choices like two Robert J Sawyer books in sci-fi, Spirited Away in DVDs and the translation for Un dimanche la piscine Kigali in Canadian fiction. Blood Canticle in fiction though? Every report I’ve heard said it sucked. They do have The White Stripes and Sam Roberts in music though.

Speaking of breath of selection, AFI’s Movie of the year selections has just that, from American Splendor to Finding Nemo through to Lost In Translation. They also have a Top 10 for TV which features Alias and 24.

The SF Gate’s Best Books of 2003 is a looooong list with no typography at all to make it legible but there might be some good selections in there.

Time Magazine’s Coolest Inventions of 2003 starts with the iTunes Music Store as Invention of the Year so you know they know what they’re doing ;)

Although I’ve never heard of quite a few of their choices the ones I know are good ones on The Village Voice’s Our 25 favorite books of 2003

Haven’t read it yet but you know Pages of pleasure on the Guardian has to have good stuff on there. They also have a Year in Review:Film but it’s kind of weird because of release date differences with North America, some old stuff on the list and some current in the “things to watch in 2004”.

Metacritic has a list of the most highly rated music this year. Considering their scores are based on hundreds of critics and those are the high scorers, might be worth something. They also have a page with the same kind of list for film which also includes a scoreboard for award nominations.

The Morning News also has it’s Top 10 albums and it’s less mainstream than others.

The Rolling Stone’s Best films of 2003 is a pretty good lineup.

Most of those lists and lots more are compiled on the Fimoculous Year in Review.

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