Open Space, Step One

So I’m at RoCoCoCamp which is managed as an Open Space and so far it’s great. The concept is wayyyy more open than I thought. Most sessions aren’t presentations as all, you just pick a subject, get together and discuss. No need for a presentation, you don’t even have to be the facilitator for your session, you just get it started. Super easy and should be fun. I’ve put up a session about coworking (yeah yeah, one trick pony :-p ). There are a number of sessions about video, multimedia, using wikis, women in open sources projetcs, using wikis in various environments, collaboration, etc.

Very very open and non threatening for people who were afraid of BarCamp, DemoCamp or whatever, looks like it’s going to be really easy to get in there. There are 9 zones within the SAT space so it’s going to be a lot of small groups.

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