The iPhone would be a ripoff in Canada

All together your monthly iPhone bill: $144.95. And that’s still a greatly inferior plan to AT&T’s with nowhere near the same data allowance and almost half the talk time. By any measure, Rogers is giving far less for far more, which was Geist’s fundamental point.—The iPhone would be a ripoff in Canada


heri July 12, 2007

why are the plans so high? there is something wrong here. i don’t know if mobile carriers cooperate to fix high prices, or if it’s because of Canada and Quebec’s size (so they have to install antennas everywhere)

Patrick July 13, 2007

There’s no doubt in my mind, none, that high prices are related to oligopoly behavior, not infrastructure. We have prices an order of magnitude higher than some third world countries, we’re being screwed over, not paying for the size of our country.

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