Lame Name Dropping

As I was saying in the previous entry, I dont seem to find a whole lot to post these days which is what finally drove me to post this even though I think it’s kind of fun it’s also border line lame. Anyway, a couple of days ago I watched a pretty long interview with Qubec singer Garou and I ended up laughing my ass off because I went to high school with most of his friends they were interviewing and, well, having not seen them in years it was funny to see their “new” faces and watch them being interviewed Entertainment Tonight style.

So, as I knew, Garou was in school with me but only 2 years behind, not ahead as I had always thought which would explain why I didn’t know him. Around the same time there was another guy who would make it to the forefront of Qubec life, Yanick Perreault who now plays center for the Montral Canadiens. He was one year behind me which brings me to my point (if you can call it a point), there’s no one in my year who “made it big”. The closest I can think of is my former class president who got his 15 minutes when he produced the pr0n parody of the Mercier Bridge events using Patrick Cloutier, the soldier who made all the headlines back then.

Aaaanyway, here’s my question, who (if any) did you go to school with that made it big in one field or another? I know of at least two readers who have mentioned their celebrity classmates before…

Told you it was kinda lame. Hurry up and answer, I just might decide to delete this.


Michel November 26, 2003

Séminaire St-Charles or Seminaire Salésien? Because, I’m assuming you’re from Sherbrooke. Or did you go to a polyvalente?

Patrick November 26, 2003

Good assumption, St-Charles.

Michel November 26, 2003

Ah, next to Notre-Dame. I was always jealous of you guys. Salesien myself. Friend & neighbour of Hugo Dube, a minor Quebec vedette.

aj November 26, 2003

Hmm. One guy became a successful stand-up comedian who plays Just For Laughs every year. Quite a few guys ended up in bands. A few became actors (the guy from the recent “Is it a table saw?” Canadian Tire ad).

I still get the alumni newsletter and it’s depressing because the only people from my year who ever send in news of interest are the people who were, and are, still keeners…who, by the time you read up towards the Class of 1941 are all like, the president of BMO and stuff, with all their bling bling and hangin’ with George Soros and stuff, but I’m still here, keepin’ it street.

Kate M. November 26, 2003

People from my high school ended up in the West End Gang, but aside from that…

Martine November 26, 2003

A lot of people from my grade school and high school ended up in jail, so I guess it’s a kind of fame…

I dated the stand up comedian François Morency for a few months when I was in Cegep (before he was known) but he was going to a different upper town college. We would go out to this cool Vieux-Québec bar (le Drugstore Livernois), sit by the video screen and he would hold my hand quietly without saying a word for almost an entire evening. It’s weird to see him as a TALK show host now!

A lot of people that went to Laval at the same time as I did became known after being part of the Ligue D’improvisation: François Morency, of course, Jean-Michel Anctil, Michel Dumais, etc.

I always teased my ex who went to school in Outremont with Mitsou, Macha Grenon and Pénélope McQuade, I think. He said that they never cared for guys their age…

lightspeedchick November 26, 2003

As you know, I went to elementary school with Daniel Boucher. We hung out a bit about two years before he became known.

I went to high school with Jean-Francois Lord, who played Hugo in Lance et Compte and then became a director. I remember people used to make fun of him all the time, but then again, he came to Halloween dressed like Pierre Lambert!

Patrick November 26, 2003

Michel: A fellow ex-sherbrooke blogger! Who knew! Oh and not only Notre-Dame, Sacré-Coeur too ;)

Two people with cons or gang members as former classmates, didn’t think of that.

John November 26, 2003

I dated Claire Danes when she was at Saint John High and used to roll with John Leguizamo back in the day.

Okay, no. The only notable alumni from my school are local television reporters.

But my mum used to date the brother of the guy who played Ferris Bueller’s dad. Best I can do. Sorry.

aj November 27, 2003

Oh, well if we’re going to use Ligue D’impro links, i spent 6 years with McGill Improv…didn’t go to McGill, though :) The year I joined most of the old-timers split off to start On The Spot Players: a lot of them do character parts in films and TV, and quite a few do cartoon voice acting. One guy, Colin Ferguson, later went on to be part of the founding cast of Second City Detroit. He’s now on the NBC version of Coupling (alas!) and I just saw him as the manager in that Monkees TV movie.
And then I was in a sketch troupe with someone who was later in Fido and St-Hubert BBQ ads, and played a cop in The Bone Collector, filmed here.

aj November 27, 2003

…Pierre Lambert? C’est qui a?

[/clueless anglo]

Nika November 27, 2003

Hmmm, the only I got is Penelope McQuade. I went to school with her at Villa Maria for a about 2 years. I see her face everywhere lately, since she’s at Radio Detente or something. She was a …special…girl…ahem.
Otherwise, I noticed that Callioppe from Villa days has become the chief pharmacist at the Walmart on Decarie…?!?

Michel November 27, 2003

Penelope who? Callioppe who? Special how? Like a hockey puck?

Sacre-Coeur, Sacre-Coeur. Friday night dances, when we all-boys-school fellas would go see what girls looked like.

Michel November 27, 2003

Penelope who? Callioppe who? Special how? Like a hockey puck?

Sacre-Coeur, Sacre-Coeur. Friday night dances, when we all-boys-school fellas would go see what girls looked like.

Nika November 28, 2003

ACK! another private school boy…
will i ever escape my private school kilt wearing days?

lightspeedchick November 28, 2003

So Nika, do you know Christine O’Connell?

Martine November 28, 2003

Somebody has to lend the Lance et Compte DVDs to A.J.
Wait, that somebody would be me! (Since I work for the same producer…)

Hey, Lightspeedchick, I didn’t know that about Daniel Boucher. You’ll have to give us all the dirt.

Patrick, this has turned out to be a very popular post!

Nika November 28, 2003

Light Speed Mama: Christine O’Connell, I’d have to look it up in my yearbook… graduated near ’88? PS: I went to french Villa.

Laurent November 30, 2003

N’oublie pas, on habitait très près de chez… Jimmy Waite, qui a été (est toujours?) gardien de but dans la NLH. Mais pour ce qui est de la gloire, ca, j’ignore s’il tombe dans cette catégorie…

Patrick November 30, 2003

Laurent: Je ne l’avais pas oublié mais Jimmy était avec nous au primaire et surtout il a eu “seulement” une couple de bonnes saisons dans la ligue nationale.

Martine: You’re right, shows how much I know! ;)

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