Lame Name Dropping

As I was saying in the previous entry, I dont seem to find a whole lot to post these days which is what finally drove me to post this even though I think it’s kind of fun it’s also border line lame. Anyway, a couple of days ago I watched a pretty long interview with Québec singer Garou and I ended up laughing my ass off because I went to high school with most of his friends they were interviewing and, well, having not seen them in years it was funny to see their “new” faces and watch them being interviewed Entertainment Tonight style.

So, as I knew, Garou was in school with me but only 2 years behind, not ahead as I had always thought which would explain why I didn’t know him. Around the same time there was another guy who would make it to the forefront of Québec life, Yanick Perreault who now plays center for the Montréal Canadiens. He was one year behind me which brings me to my point (if you can call it a point), there’s no one in my year who “made it big”. The closest I can think of is my former class president who got his 15 minutes when he produced the pr0n parody of the Mercier Bridge events using Patrick Cloutier, the soldier who made all the headlines back then.

Aaaanyway, here’s my question, who (if any) did you go to school with that made it big in one field or another? I know of at least two readers who have mentioned their celebrity classmates before…

Told you it was kinda lame. Hurry up and answer, I just might decide to delete this.

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