Design Declarations

Someone once told me to design my life, that was the best advice I ever got. Having a beautiful view is designing my life. Have a commute that’s a walk down the block. Choosing not to work in a glass cube with a view of a brick wall. It’s being closer to nature… Breathing fresh air. Sleeping well. Playing well… I don’t have too many clients or the wrong mix of clients. Because I can work at a pace I’m comfortable with, I can excel at what I do. I love what I’m doing.—Design Declarations


Christine Prefontaine December 15, 2008

I like this. Nice, simple way to think about it. Particularly as I begin this new phase of my life.

Grant December 16, 2008

Thanks for the link to my Design Declarations article. That quote has been one of my favorites for years… something I often return to when I’m trying to remember where I’m headed.

Patrick December 19, 2008

My pleasure, lots of great posts. Found your blog a couple of weeks ago and already a favorite.

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