FCC Media-Rules Change

A good little recap of the FCC’s proposed rule change. My question, when the proponents of change say;

Many lawmakers, mainly Republicans, also support easing the rules, believing they are outdated and limit the ability of companies to grow and stay competitive.

Limit the ability to stay competitive with whom?? They are already the biggest around and fighting amongst themselves under the same rules, how does opening up the rules help them compete? Compete with whom? I dont think any european or asian companies are menacing so who are they having problems keeping up with?

Wallstreet, that’s who. They have to keep growing those benefits and profit margins so they think they need to get bigger and/or merge to achieve that. They just use the “government is crippling us” angle to put a positive spin on it and have the public opinion on their side. Of course, almost no one is paying attention anyway…