New Design, 5.0

Allright, here it is, new design and new CMS. I’ll write more later but for the moment I have to switch to the new version so I can finalise some issues which I can only address on the actual domain, not the “hidden” subdomain I was using for development. Not sure how the domain redirect will work, bear with me.

For the moment let me just say a couple of things:

First, I’m pretty happy about the new look, pretty big departure from the blue one. Loads of little details, both under the hood and on screen, more whitespace, easier to read, etc. The textures are from a couple of pictures of mine including the screen fabric from that movie in Cannes, kind of a reminder since I came up with the design right after coming back from France. Still untested on anything other than Mac but I’m hoping it will go ok when I teste on IE. (fool!)

Second, Dean Allen is a god. I’m now using Textpattern and it is fantastic. Probably not for everyone—especially since it’s still in gamma—but it fits perfectly with the way I work and what I wanted to do. The new site sections and features I wanted to add where thought out before I even downloaded the package and yet it fit like a glove, everything I wanted to do I could do easily. There are a few quirks and some bugs which is part of the reason I had to switch to production before I’m completely done. More on that later.

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