Jon Stewart to host Oscars

Jon Stewart will host the Oscars. Loooove Jon but I do have my doubts about what he can do with the Oscars. Looking forward to it nonetheless.



lightspeedchick January 6, 2006

Same here. How will his humor be without his biting honesty about US politics?

Patrick January 6, 2006

You think he won’t bite as much or he won’t be able to talk politics as much?

I’m especially worried because a great deal of his best laughs are on a conversational level with guests and a lot of insides with the audience and viewers. Not sure how that can be translated to a bunch of blasé stars. We’ll see, he surprised me with his aplomb on CNN, maybe he’ll surprise me again.

aj January 6, 2006

Hey, he was a regular-ol’ talk show host before The Daily Show (MTV’s The Jon Stewart Show, and Comedy Central’s Short Attention Span Theatre before that) and he was a standup comedian for years before that, too…his writing team includes one of the founders of The Onion so I’m sure they can come up with a lot of Hollywood/media-centric barbs. The Daily Show satirizes bad media as much as politics, anyway…

lightspeedchick January 8, 2006

Ooh, you said aplomb.

Martine January 9, 2006

Regardez ça: Ça va peut-être vous rassurer… ou vous décourager:

Ce n’est pas une personne forte sur les compromis alors je pense que ça va être intéressant malgré quelques contraintes inévitables. Ça reste tout de même une cérémonie des Oscar, avec une job principale à faire: remettre des prix. C’est sûr que ça ne sera pas aussi mordant qu’un Daily Show. Et je l’ai toujours trouvé un peu groopie anyway, quand il fait des entrevues avec des acteurs et des actrices.

Patrick January 10, 2006

Mouahahahah. Excellent!

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