Jack The Future

I was wondering about that just last week;

And he happily showed us the computer equipment and the fact the phones are actually operational so when actors are talking to each other, they are doing it for real. The phones had the date January 23, 2012 on them but Cassar said he had no idea. “We avoid date and time references as much as possible,” he said. “We’ve learned not to say, ‘We’ll be back in three minutes’ and just say, ‘We’ll be back soon.’ “—On the set of 24

They skip 1-2 years between most seasons so they’re now 5 year in the future, the stuff they do with computers might start making more sense (damnit!! enhance!) now but they should stop product placements ‘cause they won’t make sense anymore, you KNOW Jack’s going to be using an iPhone the minute it gets out so this season which is in 2012 he should be using an iPhone Pro stuck to his wrist and the phone would be doing all the searches and filtering and stuff, iChloe. He’d also be driving some kind of PriuSUV and the people at CTU would have much much bigger screens.


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Antoine January 31, 2007

Haha, indeed!

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