Character Advertising

Obviously, advertisers think it works but to me it’s weird to see a tv character in an ad during his show. Ford advertises with Kiefer Sutherland voice overs during 24, Sam Waterston advertises for TD (I think) during Law & Order, Dennis Haysbert advertises for… something during The Unit. Am I right? Isn’t that kind of bizarre? Kind of fucks up the “in character” thing for viewers I think.


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Martine June 21, 2006

It is weird but it makes a lot of sense commercially, which is the only thing that truly matters, right? Maybe they are afraid that we wouldn’t recognize their voices if we hadn’t just heard them in a tv show a few seconds before, which would suck considering the advertisers just spent a fortune paying the stars for their vocal cords. Plus people who watch “24” probably like Kiefer and if Kiefer likes Ford, maybe people will like it too… Screenwriters and directors hate these ads, by the way, but they’re not consulted on the matter, obviously. ;-)

At least they don’t have Kiefer yell “we don’t have enough time!” during the actual ad… Yikes!

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